Capricious Hellraiser: Disappointment or Multi-Format Sleeper?

Capricious Hellraiser: Disappointment or Multi-Format Sleeper?

Season 17, Episode 15: Brew Session (Capricious Hellraiser) + Flashback (Malcator, Purity Overseer)

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Capricious Hellraiser has been racking up 5-0s … as well as 0-5s. The card has the support of premier deckbuiliders like Aspiringspike, and yet few have been able to replicate his success. Is this a value play at RRR, similar to Bloodbraid Elf? If so, you need a big graveyard, and a tolerance for randomness in what the Hellraiser will cast. Or is this a giant 3RRR threat that can reanimate something more specific, in a smaller graveyard? The possibilities with Hellraiser are nearly limitless.

Cavedan and Morde review the best options for unlocking the synergies with Capricious Hellraiser, and discuss David’s ideas for new Pioneer brews as well as Spike’s ideas for Modern. They also check in on Project Malcator, where Cavedan has been spitting out 3/3 Golems at an impressive rate.


[3:05] The One Ring

[6:24] Brew Session: Capricious Hellraiser

[8:24] Rules notes

[10:36] Key questions

[15:34] Key synergies

[21:19] Sketch 1: Capricious Form

[28:48] Sketch 2: Mardu Refurbish

[34:27] Capri Sun (Jeskai Lotus Field)

[43:41] Izzet Dragon Control

[48:12] Gruul Capricious Conscription

[54:22] Flashback: Malcator, Purity Overseer

[55:43] David’s Esper Tokens

[59:39] Dan’s UW Malcator Vehicles

[1:06:45] 4c Malcator Omnath by DJeffMTG

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