Brewer’s Guide to Kamigawa, Part 2: Neon Dynasty Set Review for Modern & Pioneer

light-paws, emperor's voice mtg art

Season 13, Episode 2: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Review, Part 2

Is Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty the best set for brewing in the Modern era? The legendary land cycle continues to deliver hits, and the equipment package is more robust than ever thanks Lion Sash and other creatures with the Reconfigure mechanic.

Kik-Jiki makes an unexpected return in a Saga that is jam-packed with value at three mana, drawing comparisons to Seasoned Pyromancer.

Ninjas, a beloved but underpowered archetype, gets a crucial new tool in Moon-Circuit Hacker, Auras get an explosive engine in Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice, and even Enigmatic Incarnation gets new toys in Spirited Companion and Weaver of Harmony

But what’s really surprising is the tremendous degree of artifact support, perhaps more than any set in recent memory. Reality Heist makes it easy to assemble artifact-based combos (Thopter-Sword says hello), and Vehicles gets a bunch of new toys, including a Tinker variant and a very exciting Rat Pilot (that was previewed after we recorded this episode).

This set is definitely going to keep us very busy at the Faithless Brewing laboratory, so let’s get to it!


[4:25] Follow-up on the B&R
[8:32] Housekeeping
[9:44] Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
[14:32] Otawara, Soaring City
[22:42] Moon-Circuit Hacker
[29:42] Lion Sash
[34:03] Mobilizer Mech
[38:00] Tribute to Horobi
[42:45] Oni-Cult Anvil
[45:00] Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice
[47:14] Weaver of Harmony
[50:08] Fable of the Mirror-Breaker
[55:42] The Restoration of Eiganjo
[58:23] Hidetsugu Consumes All
[1:01:16] Circuit Mender
[1:04:10] Anchor to Reality
[1:08:18] Invoke Justice
[1:10:54] Spirit-Sister’s Call
[1:13:30] Reality Heist

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