Brewer‘s Guide, Part 2: The Best of Crimson Vow, ft. Challenge Winner Manacymbal

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Season 12, Episode 2: Crimson Vow Set Review, Part 2

The second half of Crimson Vow preview week saw an impressive collection of cheap enablers. Blood Fountain leads the pack, offering two artifacts for a bargain price, while Reckless Impulse has shades of Expressive Iteration. At the high end of the curve, Hullbreaker Horror does things no other card can do, and is already shaking up Standard in a big way. Will its skills translate to older formats as well?

Manacymbal returns this week, fresh off a 1st place finish in the Modern Challenge with Indomitable Creativity, and is joined by his partner in crime MordeToLight. Cavedan has been doing some Challenges of his own, and took his Izzet deck to an 8-0 run in Pioneer before ultimately falling in the semifinals. But this episode is not about tournaments and tier decks and breaking the meta. On the contrary, we’re putting our brewing caps on to find the diamonds in the rough, with 20 more cards from Crimson Vow that might have what it takes for Modern or Pioneer.

If you missed Part 1 of our Set Review, be sure to check it out here:

S12E02 Timestamps

Roundup: Challenge Wins and Near Misses
[3:27] Manacymbal’s 1st place in Modern Challenge
[7:26] Cavedan’s 3rd place in Pioneer Challenge
[15:34] Housekeeping
Set Review: Crimson Vow, Part 2
[21:12] Overall impressions
[24:37] Blood Fountain
[29:25] Voldaren Epicure
[32:36] Cobbled Lancer
[36:35] Flame-Blessed Bolt
[38:13] Dread Fugue
[42:05] Ancestral Anger
[44:33] Wash Away
[48:00] Lantern of the Lost
[52:00] Cemetery Gatekeeper
[57:15] Reckless Impulse
[1:02:17] Skull Skaab
[1:07:18] Necroduality
[1:07:51] Jakob Hauken, Investigator
[1:11:51] Kaya, Geist Hunter
[1:18:36] Welcoming Vampire
[1:22:35] Eruth, Tormented Prophet
[1:25:43] Cemetery Illuminator
[1:28:23] Faithbound Judge
[1:32:42] Katilda, Dawnheart Martyr
[1:38:11] Edgar, Charmed Groom
[1:41:43] Cartographer’s Survey
[1:46:35] Hullbreaker Horror

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