Brew This, Not That! Dominaria United Top 5s

Brew This, Not That! Dominaria United Top 5s

Season 15, Episode 6: Dominaria United Top 5s

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Preview season is a heady time. Cards are flying fast and furious, the air is thick with new ideas, and big dreams take flight on wings of hype and hopium.

And when the dust has settled… well, it’s a lot! We covered more than a hundred cards in the blink of an eye. Which are the cards that really matter? Which ones are going to make a big impact on the meta, and which cards are we most excited to brew with? And of course, which are the cards that other people are just flat wrong about?

Cavedan and Morde are here to set the record straight on Dominaria United, as they compare their respective Top 5 lists for most impactful cards, most exciting cards, and most overrated and underrated. How do your own lists stack up? What did we get wrong, and where should we be looking next?


[5:31] Housekeeping

[7:08] Top 5 Most Impactful: Modern

[18:55] Top 5 Most Impactful: Pioneer

[27:15] Top 5 Most Exciting to Brew

[42:32] Top 5 Overrated

[50:07] Top 5 Underrated

[1:00:35] Top 5 Random Power Creep

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