Triome Trouble: Bant Week ft. Spara’s Headquarters

Triome Trouble: Bant Week ft. Spara’s Headquarters

Season 14, Episode 9: Brew Session (Spara’s Headquarters) + Flashback (Luxior, Giada’s Gift)

The allied-color Triomes give a huge boost to three color decks in Pioneer. When paired with shocks and “check” lands (e.g. Glacial Fortress, Hinterland Harbor), reactive three color decks can now cast color-intensive spells from turn 2 onward in a way that Pathways simply didn’t allow.

The biggest winner on this front is Bant. Simic has powerful spells, most notably Growth Spiral, but the lack of removal in blue and green makes it necessary to splash a third color. White is the perfect complement, thanks to The Wandering Emperor, March of Otherworldly Light, Absorb, and other useful interaction.

This week we put Spara’s Headquarters to the test in Bant Tempo and Bant Control lists. Are these lands enough to finally make Bant happen? We won’t know until we Triome!

Meanwhile, on the flashback, we test Luxior, Giada’s Gift in two different Modern combo shells, and track developments in our monthly project with Invoke Calamity.


[1:24] Housekeeping

[3:38] Brew Sesion: Spara’s Headquarters

[5:48] Why Triomes? Why Bant?

[7:40] Building Pioneer Mana Bases: Triomes vs Pathways

[8:43] David’s Bant Flash w/ Nightpack Ambusher

[15:39] David’s Bant Lotus Field Control

[23:46] Emi’s Bant Yorion Blink (Modern)

[29:15] Flashback: Luxior, Giada’s Gift

[30:18] Dan’s Jeskai Saheeli Triple Combo

[38:17] Dan’s Gruul Devoted Karn

[43:28] Monthly Project: Invoke Calamity

[46:00] Emi’s Temur Collected Calamity 1.1

[48:37] 4c Collected Calamity by KilgoreTrout503

[50:59] Izzet Gearhulk Control by rapter1551

[52:20] Thousand-Year Storm by Haksu

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