Bonecrushing and Glorybringing in Modern and Pioneer

Faithless Brewing, Episode 28: Kiora Returns


It’s finally time to dive into Pioneer, so it’s no surprise that the first card we want to brew around is… Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner? That’s right, Kiora! An old favorite on Faithless Brewing, Kiora has always been secretly excellent in Modern, especially when paired with Glorybringer in a ramp shell. New additions from Eldraine have Dan interested in updating the Modern list, while David believes that the basic shell can be ported over to Pioneer as well. But that’s not all that Kiora can do. Looking outside of green, David has some wilder ideas for unlocking Kiora’s synergies in Esper, Grixis, and Izzet. Do any of them have what it takes to keep up in the wild west that is Pioneer?


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Also, Dan has a new article up at, covering the rules of engagement for building successful decks in Pioneer. Check it out!


Roundup: SCG Atlanta + Week 1 of Pioneer


Simic Urza Oko Goose (by Zan Syed): 4th place, SCG Atlanta Modern Open


Boros Burn (by Lichking7): 7-1, Pioneer Challenge


Brew Session: Kiora in Modern and Pioneer


Modern lists


Bonecrusher Oko-Kiora (Dan): 5-0 league

For a writeup on the evolution of this deck, see this article.


Once Upon KiorDrazi (Dan): 5-0 league


Pioneer lists

Sketch #1: Gruul Ramp

Sketch #2: Esper Dragons

Sketch #3: Grixis Hollow One

Sketch #4: Izzet God-Pharaoh’s Gift


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