62. Big Surprises in Tiny Vessels

Faithless Brewing, Episode 62: Archfiend’s Vessel


Archfiend’s Vessel is a card to make your jaw drop. 5/5 flying? For a single black mana? Move over, Gurmag Angler; where can we sign up?


As with most demonic bargains, the truth is that Archfiend’s Vessel is rife with hidden costs. On the surface, the bargain is simple: kill my vessel, then bring it back for demonic fun and profit. But the card gives no guidance on how we are actually supposed achieve this. A 1/1 lifelink is not a relevant combat creature, so you can’t rely on your opponent to kill the Vessel for you. And it’s not like “reanimate a creature” is an effect that just gets thrown around for free. Once you set out to solve all the puzzles, the Archfiend might not feel like such a bargain after all. But, as we know, there’s only one way to find out, so let’s build some decks!


Meanwhile, around the Multiverse: a surprise B&R announcement has us putting on our speculation hats again, this time for both Pioneer and Modern. There’s plenty that we’d like to see changed, but the timing of the announcement is also suspicious: is it possible that something will be freed from B&R purgatory? We make our best guesses before the bombshell is dropped on Monday. Also on the Flashback: our testing results with Silversmote Ghoul.




Roundup: B&R Predictions


Modern Predictions


Pioneer Predictions


Flashback: Silversmote Ghoul


Mardu Helix (Modern): 3-2 league


WB Silversmote Midrange (Pioneer): 1-4 league


Sultai Blood for Ghoul (Pioneer): 1-4 league


Sultai Jolrael Delirium (Pioneer): 4-1 league



Brew Session: Archfiend’s Vessel




Four Conceptual Challenges


Reanimation Options




Reference: BR Lurrus Rites (by Wolfie98, 4-1 Pioneer preliminary)


Sketch 1: Rakdos Archfiend Rites (Modern)


Brainstorm: Archfiend Pox (Modern)


Sketch 2: Abzan Collected Sacrifice (Pioneer)


Sketch 3: Abzan Horse Rallier (Pioneer)



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