Attack of the Clones: Is Glasspool Mimic the Best Kept Secret in Modern?

Attack of the Clones: Is Glasspool Mimic the Best Kept Secret in Modern?

The best-kept secret from Zendikar Rising has been hiding right in your manabase. While flashier mythics have grabbed the headlines, Glasspool has quietly burrowed into a huge variety of successful decklists. Does your deck play creatures? Would you perhaps like more of those creatures? Look no further, Glasspool is your Mimic, at the low cost of a tapped blue land.

Optionality is powerful and the baseline stats are already solid, but synergies with Aether Vial, Collected Company, and blink effects might just take Glasspool to the next level. There’s only one way to find out!

Decklists for Episode 80

Roundup: Picks of the Week

Damon’s Pick: No-Boil Kiki by Tiemuuu

David’s Pick: Minotaur Painter by MentalMisstep

Dan’s Pick: Turbo Erayo by Jiggywiggy

Honorable Mentions

Vial Company v17 by Antoine57437

Furious Scales by Maple049

Hammer-Os by CrusherBotBG

Battle of Tix by FlxEx

Pioneer Turns by Daniel Wong

Flashback: Brewer’s Choice


Sultai Nest: 4-1 league

Thwart the Grave Reanimator: 4-1 league


Esper Twin 1.0 (Aether Vial): 3-2 league

Esper Twin 1.1 (Vesperlark): 2-3 league

Esper Twin 1.2 (Flash Rogues): 2-3 league

Esper Twin 1.3 (Shadow): 4-1 league

Brew Session: Glasspool Mimic

50 published Modern lists with Glasspool Mimic

UW Confounding Taxes by Brunister

Heartless Titan by amane0201

Sketch: Mono-W Auriok Twin (Modern)

24 published Pioneer lists with Glasspool Mimic

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