Arcane Proxy: Let’s See the Truth about Pioneer’s Snapcaster Mage

Arcane Proxy MTG Art

Season 16, Episode 6: Brew Session (Arcane Proxy) + Flashback (Vesuvan Duplimancy)

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We kick off our Brothers’ War brewing season with a look at Arcane Proxy, Pioneer’s first playable Snapcaster-like effect. Arcane Proxy, like the rest of the Prototype creatures, is surprisingly resistant to shenanigans. The only outstanding synergy is casting See the Truth from the graveyard. In that scenario, you get a full three cards, reminiscent of Shardless Agent into Ancestral Vision for Legacy aficionados.

We have Snapcaster at home.

What about the rest of the time? Is a three mana 2/1 useful enough if it’s just recasting a 1 mana cantrip or removal spell? Should we be looking at more impressive 2 mana instants and sorceries? Or perhaps can we get really crazy and use Arcane Proxy to support aggressive self-mill strategies, such as unearthing a Perennial Behemoth and then flashing back a Neoform from the graveyard? David has brewed four decks to put these various theories to the test.

Can we finally make See the Truth good?

On the Flashback, Zach and David got some reps in with “Dark-Dweller Duplimancy,” a slick Izzet midrange list that uses Vesuvan Duplimancy to summon a massive army of Goblin Dark-Dwellers. David had great results; was Manacymbal able to duplimancy them?

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Brew Session: Arcane Proxy

[4:46] Rules notes

[8:06] Key interactions

[13:41] Deck 1: Dimir Arcane Truth

[21:46] Deck 2: Izzet Arcane Drakes

[26:30] Deck 3: Sultai Neoform Unearth

[34:45] Deck 4: Bant Neoform Toolbox

Flashback: Vesuvan Duplimancy

[41:04] Zach’s Dark-Dweller Duplimancy

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