Angels and Demons: Fun Pioneer Decks to Try Before #MTGBRO

Vesuvan Duplimancy MTG Art

Season 15, Episode 20: Brew Session (Ertai Resurrected, Vesuvan Duplimancy, Kaalia, Zenith Seeker) + Flashback (The Elder Dragon War)

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The end of days approaches! Or at least, the end of Dominaria United season. With The Brothers’ War just around the corner, David has unfinished business with a few intriguing cards from recent sets.

Have you ever countered your own Demonic Pact trigger with Ertai Resurrected? Or used Kaalia, Zenith Seeker to find Serra Paragon and Blade of the Oni, and then re-bought the Kaalia with the Paragon? Or how about setting up Vesuvan Duplimancy and then unleashing Goblin Dark-Dwellers for an instant army in a can?

If you answered “No” to these questions, it’s possible that you’ve settled for having less fun than you could. David is here to explain some of his wilder Pioneer concepts, with an assist from the prodigal co-host, Zach “Manacymbal” Ryl.

The crew also discusses their testing results with The Elder Dragon War, looking at two different concepts.

Zach’s Izzet Rielle Looting

David’s Naya Brought Back

David’s Naya Brought Back (proposed update)

David’s Grixis Demonic Release

David’s Mardu Angels and Demons

David’s Izzet Duplimancy

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