Alchemy Is Coming For Your Format Too

demilich mtg art

Season 12, Episode 10: Weekly Roundup

It’s not every day that we get a brand new Magic format, although we have to admit it’s been happening a lot more frequently these days than it used to. Still, Alchemy is different, and has implications for every format both in card design and in what it portends for the future of Magic and its various communities.

Cavedan and Morde kick things off with a recap of their experiences at the Innistrad Championships. It was a weekend of many hard lessons but also great memories and personal triumphs and defeats. One thing that is clear is that the PT is something special, and we all hope that these events continue to exist far into Magic’s future, whatever that may look like.

After that, Manacymbal and Cavedan take a long hard look at the Alchemy format. These two old men have posted up in their favorite front porch rocking chairs and are putting those pesky clouds on notice as they sound off about what Alchemy means for every format, especially Standard, but with ripple effects for Historic, Pioneer, and Modern. They also highlight some of the most interesting Alchemy card designs, and round things out with Picks of the Week in Modern and Pioneer.

Picks of the Week
Honorable Mention: Grixis Death’s Shadow by SoulStrong
Manacymbal’s Pick: Boros Ether Kitchen by Migli
Cavedan’s Pick: Geistlight Blue by HEROtsukai

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