Aftermath Six-Pack: Sarkhan Aflame, Ob Will Be One, Urborg Soulflayer and More

Sarkhan Soul Aflame MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 12: Brew Session (Sarkhan, Soul Aflame, Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin, Narset, Enlightened Exile, Urborg Scavengers)

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And just like that, March of the Machine: The Aftermath is here. Not sure where to get started? Never fear! David Robertson, our resident Pioneer brewmaster, has been cooking up a half dozen spicy decklists to get you ready for battle on Day 1. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Sarkhan, Soul Aflame allows explosive sequences with 5 mana dragons, building on Izzet ramp shells we’ve had good results with in the past. Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin can be a curve topper in value decks but also has a unique combo finish with All Will Be One. Narset, Enlightened Exile has drawn comparisons to Sheoldred: a seemingly clunky 4 drop that nevertheless runs away with the game if you untap. And Urborg Scavengers gives us a higher density of Soulflayers than ever before.

Can any of these decks crack the tier 1 Pioneer meta? Let’s find out!


[4:46] Aftermath First Impressions

[14:34] Housekeeping

[16:08] Deck 1: Izzet Sarkhan Aflame

[27:11] Deck 2: Rakdos Backup

[36:36] Deck 3: Ob Will Be One

[46:43] Deck 4: Jeskai Narset Spells

[49:32] Deck 5: Boros Narset Tokens

[59:27] Deck 6: Sultai Urborg Scavengers

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