Activist Deckbuilding: Changing Technology in Modern and Pioneer

Sacred Ground MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 24: Weekly Roundup

Would you abuse a bugged card to draw attention to the cause? Certain unscrupulous brewers have been doing just that with Sacred Ground, which is currently broken in Magic Online. On the other hand, there’s no shortage at all of legitimate spicy brews in Modern and Pioneer. Cavedan and Morde pick out the most impressive decks from the week, highlighting new technology and over-performers like Illuminator Virtuoso, Indomitable Creativity, and Embercleave. They also admire some of the more suspicious combo decks to achieve 5-0 results last week.

S14E24 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:03] Checking in after Roe v. Wade

[22:08] Housekeeping

“Activist” deckbuilding with Sacred Ground

[23:28] RG Titanshift by swiftwarkite2

[26:49] Sacred Ground Cascade by TheWatchWander

Experimenting with Illuminator Virtuoso

[32:42] Boros Heroic by ura_frst

[34:32] Mardu Auras by OneModel

[35:42] GW “Half Hexproof” by moyashi6498

[38:21] Modern Boros Ground Rift by aspiringspike

Indomitable Creativity: new endgames

[43:51] Izzet Gearhulk Creativity by LBBL

[45:41] Izzet One-Shot Creativity by MrRaeb

[49:31] Big Score Hullbreaker Control by _Togno

Red decks: an experimental frenzy of brews

[50:39] Chonky Red by Stranger99

[52:32] Gruul Embercleave by Tarzi

[53:42] Naya Magda Showdown by rapter995

Dubious Combo decks

[57:31] Vannifar Pod Combo by Iuriper

[1:01:31] Grinning Ignus Combo by Togec

[1:03:41] Naya Combat Celebrant by Iuriper

New Modern decks

[1:05:16] Boros Imperial Kitchen by Migli

[1:06:53] Jeskai Fervent Stoneblade by Snowga

[1:08:20] Upheaval Affinity by ShzockChan

[1:08:53] Sultai Crabvine by Anthony Mannino

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