66. A Second Chance at Love in Pioneer (ft. Aspiringspike)

Faithless Brewing, Episode 66: Surprise Pioneer B&R ft. Evart Moughon

Life has a funny way of giving you second chances. One week, you’re flunking out of season 24 of The Bachelor, roseless and rejected. The next week you’re the darling of Bachelor in Paradise, delighting audiences with your antics as you revel in another shot at romance. So, too, in Magic: one week your format is a ghost town, with near-empty tournament queues and a “healthy and balanced” metagame of four combo decks, each with strengths and weaknesses against each other. The next week, practically the entire Tier 1 metagame is banned, and we are suddenly presented with a second chance at love in a wide open Pioneer.

This week we welcome special guest Evart Moughon, aka Aspiringspike, to survey the new Pioneer landscape after the long shadows of Theros combo decks have been lifted. We tackle a bit of post-Astrolabe Modern as well, and wind down with some questions for Evart from the Brewers’ Mailbag. Is this the dawn of a new era of brewing? What new decks and strategies might rise to the top? Which pre-Theros strategies are poised for a resurgence? The one thing we know for sure: if Aspiringspike has anything to say about it, it’s going to involve a lot of Shark Typhoons. Happy brewing!

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Flashback: Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse

Temur One-Mind Jolrael

BG Jolrael Enchantress

Sultai Jolrael Delirium

Brew Session: A Second Chance at Love in Pioneer

UB Narset’s Undoing

UB Tome Diviner

UG Sublime Sharks

Jeskai Lukka Sharks

Mono-G Karn

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