A Crimson Debut: Spicy Week 1 Decks in Modern and Pioneer

mtg thalia guardian of thraben mina harker art

Season 12, Episode 4: Weekly Roundup

David and Damon run down their Crimson Vow Top 5s for Modern and Pioneer, and the crew looks at fun and spicy decklists from the Week 1 results.

S12E04 Timestamps

Weekly Roundup
[4:18] Damon’s Crimson Vow Top 5 for Modern
[11:30] David’s Crimson Vow Top 5 for Pioneer
[22:42] Cavedan’s Izzet Hotline Bling (5-3 Pioneer Showcase)
Picks of the Week
[30:59] David’s pick: GW Thalia Company by claudioh
[36:35] Damon’s pick: RW Ancestral Prowess by Heir_of_Elendil15
[42:18] Cavedan’s pick: Moonveil Ponza by TeamGameWarning

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