A Couple Hits from Ragavan Won‘t Kill You: Modern Fairy Tales & Sweet Pioneer Brews

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Season 12, Episode 12: Weekly Roundup

Damon’s return to paper Modern play was a great success, as he took down his Store Championship with 4c Omnath Kaheera control. Dan also took his shot in Modern, and notched 2nd place with Jeskai Murktide Phoenix, even though the deck continues to have issues against the current meta. The crew reviews their lessons learned along the way and discuss the state of Modern, including the ubiquity of our favorite monkey friend.

We round things out with Picks of the Week in Pioneer, featuring a sweet new take on Blood Madness and the long-promised Divide by Zero Lessons deck. There’s even a blundered Jeskai Creativity list that managed to win an entire Challenge despite accidentally shutting off its own combo with Portable Hole. Pioneer as a format continues to impress with the breadth of strategies and depth of gameplay. Here’s hoping for more good things to come for it next year!

S12E12 Timestamps

Roundup: Store Championships Reports
[3:10] Damon’s 4c Omnath Kaheera Control (1st, Phoenix Comics & Games)
[21:28] Dan’s Jeskai Murktide Phoenix (2nd, Gamers Geekery & Tavern)
Picks of the Week
[32:12] David’s Pick: Jeskai Creativity by WookieWasabi
[39:50] Damon’s Pick: Blood Burn by mp101147
[45:24] Dan’s Pick: Grixis Divide by Zero by Sam Rolph

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