8 Spicy New Decks: Velomachus Turns, Brought Back, Paradoxical Galazeth, and More

Velomachus Lorehold

Strixhaven, Episode 9: This Week in Brewing (April 30, 2021)

Strixhaven may not be the flashiest set but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still new spice to savor. With the CEO on vacation, David and Damon take a look at some of the wildest tech from last week: 5c Reclaimer Scapeshift, Velomachus Time Warps, Brought Back Control, and Inspiring Statuary Paradoxical Outcome, to name just a few. They also lend a critical eye to two listener submitted decks using Birgi, God of Storytelling in this week’s Brew Review.

STX #9 At a Glance

[2:31] 5c Bring to Light
[6:53] Velomachus Turns
[12:23] Boros Brought Back
[17:53] Izzet Electrobalance w/ Codie, Vociferous Codex
[21:37] Paradoxical Outcome w/ Galazeth Prismari
[25:58] Izzet Prowess w/ Expressive Iteration
[29:29] Brew Review: Learned Hollow Phoenix by Bromat Courier
[37:00] Brew Review: Birgi Ignus Combo by StevieB
[46:12] Birgi Hazoret Monument Combo

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