“This Is Fine”: Wildfire Comes for Modern and Pioneer

Cleansing Wildfire

Faithless Brewing, Episode 74: Cleansing Wildfire

David is salivating over Cleansing Wildfire, but does he want to blow up the opponent’s lands, or his own? With five new decklists this week, the answer seems to be, “Why not both?”

Roundup: Zendikar Rising Week 2 Tech

All-Spells Vengevine by matsugan

BW Stoneblade by musasabi

RB Shadowscourge by TuggaNaxos

Flashback: Omnath, Locus of Creation


5c Omnath Niv Blade (Damon): 5-0 league

SSG Omnath Niv (Dan): proposed test list

Omnath Blink (David): 3-2 league


Unexpected Omnath 1.0 (Dan): 1-4 league

Combustible Omnath (Dan): 3-2 league

Brew Session: Cleansing Wildfire

Reference: Cleansing Jeskai by Aspiringspike

Sketch 1: Boom/Bust/Cleanse (Modern)

Sketch 2: Boros Taxes (Modern)

Sketch 3: Boros Lurrus Hatebears (Modern)

Sketch 4: Mono-R Forsaken Karnfire (Pioneer)

Sketch 5: UR Eldrazi Wildfire (Pioneer)

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